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2. You are traveling in Italy for a month. Write a post on your travel blog «Country you go, customs you find» telling about your experiences with customs and traditions different from yours.

3. You recently saw a movie that you think everyone should see because it helps to reflect on today’s society. Write a blog post about the film’s message and how it was expressed.

Don’t just tell about an event, the intimate side is as important as the facts. Use familiar words and avoid high-ranking words unless it’s a professional blog.

In Italian blogs it is very common to use English words to indicate the sections of the page: for example home or about, but also (more generally) bloggers, posts, tags or contact.

A social network is an online computer service that allows the creation of virtual social networks. Networking has contributed to the birth of true virtual communities and has revolutionized the relationships between individuals. Billions of content are posted on many networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or discussion forums. There are no strict conventions on posting messages.

Use familiar words and avoid high, formal words. When you write an e-mail, a tweet, a post, be very careful to respect the layout. Look carefully at the examples provided and be sure to use the expressions provided below.

The personal (or ‘friendly’) letter is a form of private correspondence. Private correspondence is considered to be any type of letter that does not have a bureaucratic or administrative purpose and therefore should not be shown as a document. The topic is, in fact, personal and the recipient can be a friend or family member.

Identifying the recipient of the letter or email is essential because the choice of register to be adopted, formal or informal, depends on this. In the personal letter the language used will therefore be informal, close to the spoken language.

1. You are back from a three-month study holiday in Italy. Write a letter to your friend to share the cultural discoveries you have made.

2. A traditional festival is approaching which you have already had the opportunity to participate in since you have lived in Italy. Write a letter to a friend in which you invite him / her to come and visit you and in which you anticipate how the celebrations for that day will take place.

4. You want to persuade your grandfather to buy a computer. Write a letter explaining the benefits a computer could bring to different aspects of his life.

5. In your city there will be an exhibition of an artist much loved by you and your friend. Write him / her a letter to invite him / her to spend a weekend in your city and not to miss the exhibition of your favorite artist.

When writing the date of the letter, it is preferable to write the name of the month in full: the shortened formula is more suitable for business letters.

P.S. is an acronym that stands for ‘Post Scriptum’, literally ‘after the writing’. It is written on the bottom left to add something that you forgot to write in the letter or additional greetings to someone other than the recipient.

In written correspondence it is essential to identify the recipient because the choice of register to be adopted, formal or informal, depends on this.

On the occasion of the ‘Week of the Italian language in the world, the Italian Cultural Institute of your country will organize various initiatives and offer an internship for a one-month collaboration. You wish to participate and send your application letter.

Several high-calorie food and drink dispensers have been introduced in your school. S.

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